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3 Foods To Gain Weight Fast

Bulking doesn’t have to be unhealthy.These three foods to gain weight fast and can add plenty of calories to your bulking diet, without costing an arm and a leg.

Gain Weight Fast

let me guess…no matter what you do, can’t seem to gain had tried different bodybuilding diets plan, and the scale doesn’t keep receiving the same advice eat more!

 But how do you eat more?do you turn to junk food, and start cramming potato cheese chips and Baskin Robin down your throat?Or do you just eat more tuna, chicken breast and rice?
There are basic, healthy foods that you can find at the grocery store that will help you grow.

Adding healthy calorie dense food:
The key to adding healthy calorie to your diet is to find calorie dense foods and you don’t have to look into the darkest corner of a health food store to find them.

3 Foods To Gain Weight Fast


  •  Almond

Have you ever taken a peek at the nutrition label on a jar of almond?one ounce of almond has 162 calories, and one cup of whole almond contain a whopping 822 calories.

Think about this for a moment.You can slightly over a single cup of almond, not feel full, and add nearly 1,000 calories to your diet each day.that’s an incredible amount of healthy calories.

  •  Whole milk

  Whole milk has been a bodybuilding staples for over 50 years.In fact, whole milk is so popular as a weight gainer that entire workout routine have been based on its consumption.These routine are referred to as squats and milk programs.

Odds are your mother never stocked the refrigerator with whole milk.The fat content in whole milk is enough to scare away any weight conscious 30 something.but fear, not whole milk is healthy and good for you.especially if you have a problem with gaining weight.

one cup of whole milk provides 150 calories.It also contains 8 gram, of protein and is the vitamin.


  • Dark chocolate


Dark chocolate is not only calorie dense and good for you, but it is also a tasty snack food.

one ounce of dark chocolate 153 calories, and is rich in adding 4 small,one-ounce poi on of dark chocolate to your daily diet, you are getting extra 600 calories per day.this much better than eating candy bars or vending machine will help you battle sugar craving.

So These Are The Best 3 Foods To Gain Weight Fast.
that’s it. 

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