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Best Affiliate Programs To Make Money 2018

In this post, you’re about to know about the best Affiliate Programs/Networks for making money. You don’t need a website or blog for these networks but if you have a blog or a website then it will be a Plus. 

If you have a website you can also earn with ad monetizing but affiliate earns you more money.

You can simply promote these products on your Twitter or Facebook account or any other social platform. 

What is an Affiliate Program and How does it work:

An affiliate network is a platform where merchant gives their products to the publisher means (You) to increase the sale. If you sell their products, indeed the merchants will give you the commissions. 

Now how much commission you will get? It’s based on how good product you choose, every product has it own commission rates.

To earn from affiliate networks you will need the visitor to click on your affiliate link. To know how to get free traffic check this: free traffic sources.

People making a good amount of money with these affiliate networks. If you’re worried about, what type of products are available for promoting, you don’t have to worry about this as you can get any type of product from A to Z.

I’ll mention some of the best CPA networks that pay huge commissions.

Note: CPA (cost per action) means, whenever you send a user through your affiliate link if he/she buys it than it is called CPA.

Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers and Social Media users



As you may know or not, that Clickbank is the best affiliate program out there because everybody is earning from here internationally, whether he/she is a kid or a Gentleman.

You can also earn from here, you just need to create an account it’s totally free and selects a product that you want to promote.

Payment Methods: Direct Deposit, Wire and Checks 
Minimum Payout: 100$
Offer Types: CPA


CJ Affiliate


In my view, this network is best for bloggers because CJ affiliate program contains product like, Web hosting, Domain Provider and Server etc…

The reason I kept it second because you can earn a good amount of money if you choose the right product to sell. CJ is suitable for Bloggers.💀💀

For example, Your blog article is about “Best domain providers”  than if you place an affiliate banner of (domain hoster) inside the post then, it will definitely get you conversions.

Payment Methods: Wire and Checks 
Minimum Payout: 100$
Offer Types: CPA



Now Skimlink is kind of a very professional affiliate program, because of its beautiful and smooth website design and easy to use tools. 

Skimlink contains promo codes, special offers, and products. You can promote a Skimlink product in various ways.

 One of the best methods that I recommend you to use is automatic link generator, what this does is automatically generates affiliate links in your blog post according to keywords.

This is also the best CPA network offer on the Internet.

Payment Methods: Paypal
Minimum Payout: 100$
Offer Types: CPA

Souq Affiliate Program

Now Souq affiliate program is for the Middle East Region, such as (Dubai, Saudia Arabia, and Oman) remember one thing, if you really want to succeed in affiliate marketing then you must target users relevant to the product. 

For example, Souq product could be sold if I target middle east users if you’re targeting user from America than it’s not going to work. What I want to say is “Right product for the right user=Sale”.

Payment Methods: Bank Transfer
Minimum Payout: 30$
Offer Types: CPA

Amazon Associates


Do you know Amazon is the biggest E-commerce site in the world, and it’s making around 340$ per second and it’s very huge.

If you work with Amazon as an affiliate promoter it would be great. You can earn very much if you target users from Western Regions such as (USA, Canada, and the UK).

In the western region, 70% of people do online shopping whether it’s Amazon or eBay or any other.

If Amazon services are not available in your region, You cannot join Amazon Associates.

Payment Methods: Direct Deposit, Gift Certificate, and Check
Minimum Payout: Check=100$ & Gift -Directdeposite=10$
Offer Types: CPA

ShareASale Affiliate Program

ShareASale is also a good affiliate program where you can find home products such as (Clothes, make-up, and special brands).

If you choose special brands products than you may get higher commissions.

It’s also the best CPA network on the internet you can join right now for free.

Payment Methods: Check or Direct Deposit
Minimum Payout: 50$
Offer Types: CPA



eBay Partner Network

I have been using eBay for the past 2 years, and It’s really worth using eBay affiliate program because it has amazing tools to promote the product and I have been making a good amount of money with eBay.
You can promote a product by various methods such as (banner, link, and promotion offer). You can select which best work for you.

Payment Methods: Check and Paypal
Minimum Payout: 50$
Offer Types: CPA



So, these are the best Affiliate programs on the Internet to make money in 2018 and beyond.
You can select any CPA program, which works best for you. 

It doesn’t mean that I have kept Clickbank on the first number that it’s the best “no”.  It depends on you, what type of product you select and where you promote it.

Note whenever you promote the product, make it clean. Don’t start spamming everywhere on the Internet. First, build audience trust for your self then start marketing.

If you’re really serious about making money online then check these best ways to make money online from home or from anywhere

I have seen people are earning from their website more than their social accounts. Bloggers best strategy is to make affiliate link SEO Optimized, to drive more traffic to the link.

that’s it…


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