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Best Blogger’s SEO Tips

In this Article I’m writing about the basic Blogger SEO optimization for new blogs, This will be a basic optimization for your blogger blog. So first of all, you must be having a good blog (design, navigation &  good domain name):

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I posted an article in which I mentioned free sources that generates tons of traffic a day.

(Your blog must be having a good design which is clean & simple, And easy navigation for users to navigate your blog pages easily, And also good domain which is related to your contents).

So I’ll be explaining in steps just follow me to rank your blogger blog in search engines. First, make sure you have 10 to 15 fresh content because the content is king for SEO.

So let’s get started:

Blogger SEO

  • Add Blog description

Adding blog description is very important to the search engine to know what this site is about. Add your main keywords in description.

How to setup blog description:

1-Go to setting click on basic and you will see 2 option of description 

2-Now go to Search preference and add the same description in there.

Once set, now the search engines will be able to know what’s your blog about.

  • Add custom robot.txt


Custom robot.txt is a sitemap for your blog this is very important to search engines. Through sitemap, you can allow or disallow search to crawl individual page or widget.

You can create your blog sitemap from here. Just add your blog URL this will automatically generate a sitemap for you.And add it to custom robot.txt.

  • Add custom header tags


This is also very important to search engines, these both sitemap and header tags help the search engine to index and crawler properly. So these are the best options to implement in header tags which are search engine friendly.



  • Add your sitemap to Search engines (Google, Yahoo and Ask)

If you do not submit your sitemap to search engines your you site can’t be indexed nor crawled. To add your sitemap to Google webmaster, bing webmaster and ask webmaster tool.

  • Add custom Permalink URL for Post

Editing your post permalink is very important for ranking, but how? You can add your main keywords in permalink so whenever your keyword is search on google, this permalink will show more relevancy to search engines.

Small warning:
You can only add 3 to 4 keywords in permalink URL because if you add more keywords it will be difficult for search engine to understand.

How to add keywords in permalink:
Suppose I want to add these keywords “blogger SEO tips” so I will add like this blogger-SEO-tips always use hyphens in-between spaces.


  • Add Post description

Adding post description is also very important to search engines to know what this post is about, You can explain in the description what this post about adding your main keywords, you are only allowed to write under 150 characters.

  • Optimize blogger images


As we know for search engine it is difficult to understand images, flash contents, So to make images understandable to search engine we add ALT tags to images. 

Optimizing blog images improve your rank and traffic of your blog.

So how to optimize images:
1-Click on image you want to optimize
2-Once clicked, you will see various options choose properties and add your photo title and on Alt tag add your main keyword.

so whenever someone searches that keyword for photos on Google your photo will be there if your site Seo optimized.

  • Optimize External Links (external links=  links going to other sites)

If you do not optimize external links in your post then a search engine will give more importance to the external link that you write in your post. For example, I link Facebook URL in my post so I have to optimize it for SEO.

How to optimize External links in blogger:

Whenever you create external links that are linking to someone’s site so do this,

create the link and add the Anchor text you want to show and tick the rel=no follow box at the bottom (rel=no follow=this tag says to the search engine to not give importance to this link so search engine skips this).

So this was a basic blogger SEO optimization, Check the Advance Blogger SEO Optimization TIPS, so subscribe to get updates about this site.😎

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