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Easy ways to Increase Website Traffic 2018

So if you created your website/blog and now you want to earn money or you want to rank your website/blog first in google or want to sell products, for that you need a good amount of traffic.

So if you’re wondering how people get the huge amount of traffic source to their blogs?  and want to increase your website traffic.In this article, i will mention some of the best ways to get huge amount visitors to your blog/website.These methods are used by all professional bloggers to get the huge amount of traffic.

Increase Website Traffic

Ways To Increase Website Traffic

  • 1-SEO (search engine optimization)
Best and natural way is SEO, don’t know what SEO is checked this: What is SEO? And what its benefits. 

SEO is a free & organic way to get traffic from search engines such as (Google, Yahoo, Ask etc).

So optimize your website for SEO  and check the results. SEO can be beneficial for the long run. If you don’t know what SEO is, then I recommend you to take free course’s online, once you learned all that, then try to rank first in Google, Yahoo and

You can do SEO for your Local Business to for such as Your work shop, Garage e.t.c.

If your contents are good you can get Millions or even Billions of visitors to your blog/website. 

If you’re using Blogger platform then I recommend this setting for better SEO optimization:

Basic Blogger SEO Optimization
Advance Blogger SEO Optimization

My second most easy way to drive traffic to a blog is Facebook.As you know Facebook is a growing social network.Facebook have billion of users.

To drive traffic to your blog from Facebook, you need to build a good Fan page of your own brand or company or either way you can join groups related to your niche and start posting on groups.

There are thousands of groups and pages, I know you cannot post on pages but you can comment on photos.

I think Reddit and Facebook are same for getting traffic.Reddit also has billions of users and still growing.But I kept Reddit on number third because on Reddit it’s difficult to promote.

If you start promoting directly on Reddit than Reddit may ban you or people will comment (spammer) under your post.To promote on Reddit find a subreddit related to your niche and submit link or text post on there and get visitors.


Yahoo and Quora are top ranked sites in Google When someone search’s on google these sites are at the top.So how to promote here? try this steps:

1-Make 5 different accounts on any platform (yahoo or quara) which you like to get traffic from.

2-Now suppose you want to promote your blog article (how to build a website).
3-So now go there and ask a question from 1 account (how to build a website?).
4- Now under that question post your article as a link under the answer from 2nd account.
5-Once you answered, Give likes to that answered from your different accounts to give rank to your answer.
6-Now when somebody search’s (how to build a website) on google, your answer will be on 1 or 2nd page of Google.As a Best Yahoo or Quora answer.

 Google+ is also a great source for getting traffic to blog.If you have good followers it will be so easy to get traffic but many people don’t have good followers, so what they have to do is join communities related to their blog and start posting there to get some quality traffic.

  • 5-Build Email List

 This is a great way to build – Repeat Visitors – to your website.

Constantly build up different contact lists for – follow ups. Follow up via an interesting, informative, Newsletter or special Discount offers. This can bring in more visitors that one expects.

Try and place – Viral Messages – within Email content. When your website’s newsletter provides valuable information, recipients often pass this on to their friends and co-workers encouraging them to sign up for your newsletter. This kind of word of mount publicity brings in a huge amount of focused traffic.

There are other traffic sources such as Press Releases, Banner Ads, RSS Feeds, Offline Advertising. All can be great sources of focused traffic.

If the website sells products or service, do consider an affiliate plan via which you can craft joint ventures with other websites this can be a very valuable source of traffic.

  •  6-Guest Posting 
Guest Posts are something that gives you amazing and long-term results. When you publish a guest post on an authority blog, you get referral traffic in the beginning and since you also get backlinks from authority blogs, you will see an increase in organic traffic in the long run.

But when you do guest blogging, you should keep certain things in mind. You cannot just go around publishing articles on any blog that you want. You should spend some time in finding the blogs that are relevant to your niche and the content of your article.

Make sure that the blog enjoys a high authority in search engines and has a large reader base. As long as you post the relevant article on relevant blogs, you won’t be penalized.

Twitter has it owns Analytics to check the post engagement and impression.Some professional bloggers use twitter as the main source of getting traffic to their blogs.Make sure to use hashtag# and photo’s while posting your blog link to promote.


 These two platforms are good for content marketing.What you have to do here is, post your content and if someones shared your content, you will get valuable visitors to your blog.

Final and most easy way to drive traffic to blog is Stumbleupon.All have to do is copy the content link that you want to promote and post on StumbleUpon.If you have good articles then you will have good followers on StumbleUpon this means good traffic.

Website’s Which are good for traffic building but I haven’t tried are:


7-Google Alert
This Was the free and easy ways to increase website traffic, You can drive huge amount of traffic with this.

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