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Important Elements to Achieve your Muscle building goals

People sometimes ask me“What is the most important component of Properly devised fitness program?”  Is it weight training, cardio or the Nutrition? And I say that all are the vitally important and you cannot achieve results without focusing on each area.

Each of them has to be worked on in balance in order for your fitness goals to be effectively reached.

You will not build muscle and strength if you do not weight train.You will not burn fat and calories if you do not do Cardio and also you cannot build quilty muscles and effectively lose body fat without proper Nutrition.

However, I have been in fitness long enough to realize there is one area that is more important than the others, and that is nutrition. All your fitness goals is wasted if you do not eat proper nutrition.
Muscle growth doesn’t occur in gym in gym you only stimulate your muscle by doing different kinds of exercises.While training you are creating microscopic tears to muscle fibers that must be healed‘.

Nutrition is the main requirement in healing process and Rest is probably the next most important part.

Without proper nutrition healing process is negatively affected and you body doesn’t have the supplies to effectively rebuild the damaged fibers.

If your doing your weight training properly, and you’re performing your cardio session properly, and still not achieving your goals than your nutrition concern have not been properly met.

There are five nutritional element that have significant effect on muscle building and fat loss.These element are “Calories, Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat and Water.

Calories are a unit of one measurement.The rest of elements are macronutrients.Each is vital in your effort in achieving the most out of your fitness program.

Calories are derived from 3 sources:
(Protein, Carbohydrates and fats.
*1 gram of Protein=4 calories
*1 gram of carbs=4 calories
*1 gram of fat =9 calories

Fat contain 2-1/4 times as many calories as either protein and carbs so you can eat 2-1/4 timesnas much protein or carbs asnyou can from fat while still maintaining the daily caloric intake.

This is how and why extra fat in your diet will add significantly to you daily calories amount rather quickly.

Don’t eat it to much and you know that fat is evil, So if you eat it than burn it by doing exercises if didn’t burn it than it will be stored in belly as your campanions.

So that’s it…

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