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Increase Your (Yahoo! Bing Ads) Earning 2018

Today I’m going to write about one of the best ad networks out there and I will explain how to increase (Yahoo & Bing) earning. 

I’m writing this Article because some people are getting ZERO RPM$ on getting tons of impressions to ads, This issue was also with me but now I got a fix. 

You can search it on Google ( ZERO RPM$). I searched a lot but didn’t found any fix.😰

This network is based on CPC, CPM, I think this network pays more than Adsense because you can get up to CPM of 30$ and more on 

And on CPC model it works on double-click process mean: if a visitor clicks on ad he will be taken to a landing page with lots of links of advertisers When someone clicks on any of that link that results in generating you revenue. 

But first, make sure you get enough traffic to your website. If you don’t know to increase traffic than check these to options:

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So let’s get started:

Increase Your Earning


Color of the AD

Match the color of the ad with your website color, So the user doesn’t think it’s a link that will make me go to another website.


Use Best Ad Sizes

          Using best ad sizes will definitely effect on revenue. So try this AD sizes 728×90, 300×600, and the best one 600×250 which gets lots of clicks and can make your RPM to spike.


Best Ad Placements

Ad placement is also a major factor in increasing and decreasing revenue. So the best ad placements are:

  1.  (1st Placement )Above the Fold, (ATF) what is ATF? ATF is the upper portion of your site page, but why ATF? because whenever user come to your site he spends the most time on ATF.Placing ads on ATF will get you more impression to the ad. Best ads for ATF are 728×90, 338×280.
  2. (2nd Placement) Post body, but why post body? because user spend most of the time on reading your post so this will get you more impression and clicks.Best ads for Post body are 338×280 and 600×250.
  3. (3rd placement)Lower Post Body, lower post body is a place when your Post finishes. Why lower post body? because when the reader finishes reading your post he/she mostly thinks where to go, So he/she clicks the most relevant ad topic he likes.   

I recommend you to only use 600×250 because lower post body gets low impression because many visitors leave your site on half reading. 

So the 600×250 play an important role in getting lots of clicks on low impressions.


Sticky Widget

I haven’t explained the ad size 300×600 because it can only be placed on a sidebar of your web page. While placing this ad unit 300×600, make sure to make it sticking widget if you want more revenue.

 So this will get much more impression than the regular one.


Don’t use a sticky widget with Adsense, Because AdSense only allows this feature for premium members of AdSense but allows this😍😍.

Customize Your Landing Page

Customizing landing of the ad, Remember I previously wrote is a double-click process if you want to make revenue. 

If a user clicks on an ad topic but doesn’t click on advertiser link which is on the landing page. This will be resulting in less or no revenue.
So contact your Personal Support Manager to make the ad landing page looks like your website page. So the manager will make its looks and feel same like your website.

Unlock all ad partners

Unlocking all ad partners will be resulting in higher CPM/RPM especially for those who get ZERO CPM/RPM must try this.

Unlocking all ad partners drives multiple relevant advertisers to participate in the real-time auction resulting in higher revenue yield for you. 

So contact your Account Manager to unlock this feature.

Use Responsive Ad Units

Nowadays people uses multiple devices to access websites. And everybody knows that mobile users are more than PC users, Using responsive ad will increase your earning and also site loading because responsive ads are adjustable to any device. ads are not responsive by default. So to make it responsive Contact your Account Manager to make all ad units responsive.

Limit Your Ad Units

Make sure you only use 3 ad units per page, because only allow 3 unit per page using more ad units per page can lead to ad blindness and also it’s against policy.
So these are the best ways to increase earning and a solution for those who gets ZERO RPM/CPM.😜

I also recommend Adsense for monetizing your Website because it can give a CPC upto $50. So check how to get fast approval from Adsense.

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