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Install Kali Linux On Android with Linux Deploy

Running Kali Linux on Android could be very beneficial for you and also will be so fun using, You can take this Linux wherever you wanna go. 

Installing Linux on Android is made easy with Linux Deploy app and alternatively, with complete Linux installer app you can turn your Mobile into Desktop with these two apps. 

Following are the Linux Distributions that supports Android and looks beautiful,  So they are:


*Kali Linux







And much more!!


Kali Linux On Android with Linux Deploy




 [Rooted Android] If you don’t know how to root and what root is, then check here.
 [SD card with 5 GB] Linux IMG file size is about 4.5 GB.
 [And some apps]You can download this app from Play store or from the following links.

First of all, Download this Apps:


Once downloaded, Install Busybox applets and script on your device.

Now the main process starts here.

*Open Linux deploy App.
*From there tap on Download Icon at the top right and from there tap on distribution.

*And choose the Linux distribution you want to install:

Linux deploy android
Click to View

*After that go under Startup and go to GUI setting to set your device resolution for the best experience.

Linux deploy android


*And leave the setting as it is.

*Now go at the top of the setting and tap on Start and the rest process is automated. After it has installed successfully Hit Reconfigure in the setting. Remember it may take up to 30-45 minutes on installing.

After successfully Reconfiguring, you have to tap on start and you will see the following

*If you see Fail instead of done this means you haven’t done it correctly, So repeat the process or contact me.

Linux deploy android

*By the way now you’re running Linux on your Android.

*Now open the VNC app. From there tap on Plus(+) sign at the bottom right, to create the new connection.
 Now type [Localhost] under address and your Linux name under name whatever name you what to give.
Linux deploy android

After you created tap on connect and this will ask you for password type in [Changeme] and you’re good to go…Once you installed Kali Linux on Android with Linux Deploy app then also check another method of installing Linux.

So you just installed kali Linux on your Android, There are so many root apps which are very useful for you check the best root app list. If you face any problem regarding this article please contact me ASAP..

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That’s it…

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