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Root Android With One Click Method Video

If you want to root Android and wondering what rooting is actually about and how to do it then you are at right place. What this does to your Android in here you will get to know everything about rooting your Android. I will start by saying rooting benefits

Install Custom ROMs

The Android custom ROM scene started growing shortly after the first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1, was released. The ROMs that were initially available just offered a few tweaks here and there – access to the developer only sections of the operating system, debugging information, and things of that nature.
Now, a few years after the release of the G1, the Android ROM community has grown immensely, and ROMs have been developed for most of the Android phones currently on the market.
They’ve gone far beyond simple tweaks and can now give your phone an entirely new look and feel. There are ROMs that can make your phone fly by replacing the kernel with hyper-optimized versions or even overclocking the CPU. The possibilities are nearly limitless and attempting to cover all of the features of all the ROM’s available for all of the phones out there would be pretty much impossible.
If you’re interested in flashing a custom ROM on your phone, your best bet is to hit the Googles, search for “phone name custom ROM,” and see what comes up. You’ll likely find at least one forum dedicated to hacking your phone with plenty of information to get you started.

Here at AndroidPolice, we’re planning a series of custom ROM reviews for as many phones as we can get our hands on. Stay tuned for updates!

Get rid of pesky bloatware

The first benefit of accessing administrator privileges over Android is full control over the applications installed on your handset. No longer do you have to suffer from the cluttered app drawers and reduced memory space taken up by pre-installed carrier and manufacturer applications, you can instantly cut the bloatware and keep only the apps that you really want.

Overclocking and underclocking

Remember when all phones were slow? Well, not all, but they all needed that extra push. A very popular thing to do among root users was overclocking the processor to make things more snappy. Even mid-end smartphones are pretty fast now, so there is not much of a need, but some of you may still want to speed things up.

But even if overclocking is no longer as popular, you will find that altering processor speeds is definitely convenient. Got a super powerful phone and want to save battery? Why not underclock the processor? Sometimes we don’t need all the power our specs have to offer, and we could really use saving resources.

Installing Linux
Installing Linux in your android is made easy, You can install and run any kind of Linux on your Android either with complete Linux Installer. Linux’s that are available for Android are:
  • Kali Linux
  • Archlinux
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Centos
  • Slackware
  • This will make your device feel like a PC.

Installing custom recovery

There are two kinds of custom recoveries,(cwm & twrp recovery)By installing recovery you backup your phone, you can flash ROMs & also you can hard clean your mobile.


Root Android With One Click Method


Rooting your Android will void your warranty and also rooting your Android by the wrong method may brick your device, (brick means your device will be in a problem) there are two kinds of bricking (soft brick and hard brick).

Softbrick- In which your device is alive but the problem is with the ROM, it can be repaired.


hard brick-In which your device is totally death it can only be repaired by the company.You have to pay the big amount for it…
Now, I say how to root android without bricking it, I will mention some of the apps that are easy for you. Because if you want to root with PC it will danger for you if you’re a beginner, so follow my steps…

(This Is a video of rooting android with one click method)

In this Video, I’m using Kingroot app to root my device. Try All apps which work best for you.

Download these apps from Google:

  1. Kingroot
  2. I root
  3. Towelroot
  4. Vroot
these apps require you to make one click only and the behalf process it finishes by its own.

What To Do After Rooting?
You can do many things, you can make your android a beast by installing these best root apps list.
If these apps don’t work for you then try rooting from PC you can contact me to know, how to root  Android.

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