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SEO-Copywriting – What It Will Be Like In 2019

Today it is difficult to imagine website promotion without SEO copywriting Actual and exciting information is the basis of search engine optimization and development of a variety of projects.

Search engines are becoming more demanding on content, and algorithms are updated continuously, so bad materials with a set of keywords no longer work. Also, users have become more discriminating; they want to see useful and high-quality content.

SEO Copywriting Trends in 2019

Therefore, what awaits content creators this year?

Behavioral search promotion

Unreadable texts with roughly used key queries no longer promote the website, but on the contrary, they will lead to sanctions and a ban. A large number of keys is also not conducive to getting into the TOP of the issue. Search engines analyze the overall theme, the title match, the time that users spend on the page, etc. Based on these data, the highest quality and relevant content that is of interest to visitors appear in the TOP, as can be seen from the average time and number of returns per page.

Adaptation for mobile devices

With smartphones, people spend most of their time, and tablets are gradually replacing laptops and desktops. Therefore, the correctness of displaying content on mobile devices every year becomes an increasing priority area. Search engines also consider it when ranking.


They are still necessary for advancement, but efficiency does not depend on their number at all. It takes into account the naturalness of links and compliance with the general theme. Press releases, reviews, recommendations, and thematic communities – these are the preferred sources of references both today and in the future.

Video clips

It is one of the most popular and clickable formats. Statistics of search engines say that more and more users prefer watching videos in combination with reading the text. In the future, this trend will only intensify.

Voice search

Many people use “smart devices,” helpers and similar interactive tools. Such requests are quickly gaining popularity, and in the future, they will become even more.


Today uniqueness is the primary requirement for textual and any other content. Users need little material that meets their expectations.

Personal brand

Raising awareness of the project will be in priority this year, as well as offline promotion.

Creative approach

Non-standard techniques, humor, original methods – without them, successful SEO-copywriting in the future will only be impossible. However, it is essential that the jokes are appropriate, and the humor does not offend anyone. It is easy to overdo it with outrageous; therefore it is vital to entrust the promotion to professionals.

What awaits copywriting this year?

Investing in unique content is growing. Large companies have announced that they will spend more on it and increase the budgets for content marketing. It concerns not textual information only, but also photos and videos. If you do not pay attention to this trend, your competitors will have a significant advantage.

The primary trend of the future is topicality, relevance, and liveliness of information. The audience is becoming more demanding about high-quality texts and their submission; therefore, in 2019; promotion will not be possible without new exciting content. The use of modern methods of SEO-copywriting is the key to successful development.

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