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Tips That Will Help You To Gain Better Muscle

Newly gym member wondering how to build muscle fast to look something that they deserve. Some people don’t get their results after doing the gym after several years. Actually, they don’t know how to build muscle they think if they lift some heavyweight they can build muscle fast hell here are the tips that I and some professional bodybuilders recommend:

*Do inform

                    (means doing reps slowly and the way it should be done using lightweight) Stretch your muscle on the negative motion and try to flex the muscle on the positive.

*Mind muscle connection

                                             (It is very important to focus on a muscle you are training means try to connect your mind with that muscle so it will generate more blood circulation in that specific area of muscle)


              (It is very important to shock your muscle as Arnold said change your plan routine every month means you have to change your workout plan after every two months.

This is because, if you follow the same routine plan for one year your body get used and you couldn’t be able to achieve your muscle goals. So shock your muscles to make it cry)


               (This helps to build quality muscles. So do stretches before or after a workout, there are many kinds of stretches for different parts of your body so you must do this. As building muscle reduces your flexibility)


                (As you know warm is so important and prevents injuring and also help to build muscle fast because by warming up your body helps to keep blood flow to the specific muscle quickly.

Just try your workout with warm-up and without warm-up and definitely you see a huge difference at the end of your workout when you see yourself in the mirror having more pump.)

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